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    ACCA MA1

    Anyone who needs to interpret financial statements or communicate financial results needs a solid understanding of financial accounting. This comprehensive, self-contained training course is designed to give business professionals—including managers, analysts, and entrepreneurs—the confidence they need to use financial data to drive strategic decision-making.
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    Creative Arts – P5

    The above gives you the introduction to Creative Arts for P5. Creative Arts is a skill-based subject which greatly involves learners in practical work. The content for Primary Five is divided into two parts, namely Music Dance and Drama and Fine Art and Crafts. The Music Dance and Drama part is divided into three units. Then the Fine Art and Crafts part is divided into six units. Since Creative Arts as an area of study is competence based, that aims at acquiring knowledge and understanding it, skills, values and attitudes, these units require you to participate in many activities provided in this book.
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    P6 Mathematics

    The knowledge, skills and attitudes developed will enable learners to count, estimate, measure, calculate, handle and manage money, interpret statistics and also represent data on Mathematical tools such as pie-charts, bar graphs and so on.
    Generally, this book is organized in a way that enables the learners to investigate, practice, summarize, integrate and finally assess him / herself.

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    Piano Lessons: 1 Fundamentals

    Learn how to play piano. Music professor and acclaimed accompanist Lewis has created a comprehensive video library of piano lessons and clear, over-the-shoulder shots of performances of classic tunes. Watch at your own pace while you learn fundamentals like reading sheet music, finger placement, and posture, and practice playing melody and rhythm with the right and left hands. Lewis's enthusiasm for piano is contagious and his lessons emphasize learning to play popular songs using a step-by-step method that any level of player can follow. Note: This course was recorded and produced by Lewis. We are honored to host this training in our library.
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    Provisional Driving License

    Welcome to learning about driving in order to get your driving permit. The first part will focus on the theory part of the license
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    Social Studies for P5

    Key Unit Competence: Describe our province Attitudes and Values: Develop a culture of using a map to locate places.
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    Teaching Online

    The nature of education and the roles of educators have altered as a result of technology. To aid pupils in learning, different techniques are needed for online training. This course is made to assist teachers and corporate trainers in updating their skill sets for teaching successfully online. Olivier NSHIZIRUNGU, A Partner at IGA, makes linkages between excellent instruction and online learning. He offers a blueprint for setting up a virtual classroom and instructions for getting students to interact with the readings, the teacher, and one another. The way to create a more dynamic learning environment is through collaboration. NSHIZIRUNGU also demonstrates how to make sure that all students may access your lessons.