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About IGA

  • IGA is a coaching app and a course marketplace for Africa.
  • At IGA, we believe in the transformative power of education. Our mission is to provide learners across Africa with a comprehensive platform that connects them to a variety of academic and professional courses tailored to their needs. We strive to bridge the gap between learners and instructors, making education accessible, affordable, and engaging for all.


IGA provides different advantages to our stakeholders


Learners on IGA have access to a vast library of courses covering diverse subjects. They can choose courses that align with their interests, career goals, or personal development needs.


Instructors on IGA can create and publish courses, reaching a global audience and sharing their expertise.

Guardian / Sponsor

Parents/Guardian/Sponsors can use IGA to supplement their children's education and foster their interests.


Educational institutions can use IGA to complement their existing curriculum and offer additional learning resources. Businesses can utilize IGA as a corporate learning platform for employee training and upskilling.

IGA Features list

Learn without Limit

The country’s largest selection of courses. Choose from over 1,000 online video courses with new additions published daily.

Learn from the best

Top instructors from around the world teach thousands of students on IGA.
We provide the tools and skills.

IGA Offline

IGA Apps supports learning any course/lesson/videos even when offline

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Online courses from 1000+ highly ranked tutors

Before subscribing to any course a student access the reviews and comments from other students who have taken the same course.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

IGA comes as a solution to many challenges affecting the Education Sector. Among them having an IGA APP on a IGA Tablet or in a Center choosing a course or topic of choice is an all in all every child needs to succeed academically.

Subscribe for a course at IGA gives you a guarantee to succeed on any course of your choice!

Subscribing to two or more courses gives a you another chance to get an IGA Gadget!
IGA Gadget is a Samsung tablet where every student who wishes gets one and pays in 12months.